Community Building Fellows

Michael Anderson


Kashawna Brantley


Kashawna served as AmeriCorps member with City Year last year. She is a Chicago, Englewood native who dedicates her life to helping young people with upbringings similar to hers. She wants to help those who live in difficult neighborhoods and are underprivileged. She hopes to inspire young people to do whatever they put their minds to. She worked for Imagine Englewood If as an assistant to the Executive Director. She is also an aspiring cartoonist.

Christopher Brown


David Lofton


Ralphael Jones


Raphael serves with CPS at the Chicago Military Academy in Bronzeville. He is the president of an Englewood Focused non-profit called Future Network where he collaborates with the Aldermen of the 16th and 17th Wards, and organizes charity events, clean initiatives, back to school events and block club parties every year. Raphael is a video artist, videographer, and works with artists in Chicago.

Omari Moore


Originally from Canton, Ohio, Omari Moore received his B.A. in Psychology and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies from the University of Chicago in 2014. Since moving to Chicago from Ohio for college, he has been involved in activities and organizations based around youth development, education, race and/or social justice. He worked for the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights as a New Sector Fellow. His work there include intersections between race, poverty, housing, and innovation. He is currently a Community Building Fellow in one of NeigborScapes' Innovation Houses and he currently work for Urban Initiatives, a sports based youth development non-profit. He is currently placed at King Academy for Social Justice in Englewood. Omari Moore is the Community Building Fellow Representative.